27 - queer poc - Pilsen (Chicago)
  • epicjerbear:

    Dear White People (x)

    It is our responsibility to include other races in this; Feel free to keep adding.

    Can we prove that Asians are not only known for big Martial Arts scenes?

    Can we make sure that there are no Latino Thugs?

    Can we remove the comedic nerd/loser Asians?

    Can we ensure that Latinos aren’t always the Landscapers?

    Can we prove that Asian women are not always tools for sex?

    More leading roles for minorities!

    No more incorrect racial placement in American Media!

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  • reverseracism:

    but you know, you’re a tool if you burn a flag

    Can’t expect anything from white nationalists and their trash. 

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  • questionall:

    A new money system can address today’s big problems. Find out how our current money system is at the root of high debt, inequality, and unaffordable house prices, how it contributes to environmental destruction and accelerated resource consumption, and how we can fix it: bit.ly/1swsiTh

  • itsmidnite:

    Just gonna leave this here.

  • pup-brutus:

    Sexy photos i took last night out of sheer boredom and having a vanity moment and said to myself “I’m fucking sexy in the mirror.”

    What Master said: SEXY! but you need to work on your sexy face you have dead eyes.

    What craigcruz (big brother) said: you do kinda have dead eyes sir is right a bit.

    what razerwolf said: why are you teething?

    my face does look dead, i still look good though. gym is coming along really nicely!

  • brazilshit:

    The gay guy just kicked the straight man ass up!

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  • humansofnewyork:

    “I think one of the neighbors had beef with my mother. Because one day when my mom went to the store, and left us alone for just a few minutes, child services came and took us away. My sister and I got split up. I got sent to a group home. It was like a prison— everybody there was looking out for themselves. I’d call my mother and cry on the phone but she’d just say she was sorry, and there was nothing she could do, and she was trying. After a few months, my sister and I got moved into a foster home. Our foster mother was this old lady named Ms. Elizabeth. She let our mother come visit us even though she wasn’t supposed to. And she took us to church and prayed with us, and every Sunday she’d cook us a huge dinner and completely deck out the table like it was Thanksgiving. It was like some movie shit. We’d never had anything like that before. Even when we moved back with our mother, we would alway visit Ms. Elizabeth up until the time she passed away.”

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  • socialjusticekoolaid:

    Michael Dunn has been sentenced to life without parole for the murder of teenager Jordan Davis. This sentence will run consecutively to the three counts of convicted murder he was found guilty of for the other passengers in the vehicle. Prayers to the Davis family. This sentence can never replace their child, but at least justice has finally been served. #staywoke